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Qingyuan city is located in northern Guangdong ( old spelling : Kwangtung ) on the Bei Jiang river and has a population of 3,900,000  and has the largest land area of any city in China .Its main attractions are in the surrounding Beij River valley, such as the Daoist Fiexia and Buddhist Fei lai temples.  Ferries to both temples can be found at the Bei River dock in the southwest section of town.  


Qingyuanserves as a major port for inland Guangdong .In ancient times it was part of the Bai Yue kingdom . As time passed, the demographics of what is now Guangdong slowly shifted to (Han) Chinese-dominance, especially during several periods of massive migration from the north during periods of political turmoil and/or nomadic incursions from the fall of the Han Dynasty onwards. For example, internal strife in northern China following the rebellion of An Lushan resulted in a 75% increase in the population of Guangzhou prefecture between 740s-750s and 800s-810s.The city has a subtropical climate and an average temperature of 70F/21C. Famous local sights are the Lianzhou Underground River, Sanpai Yao Village (where the Yao people retain their traditional ways of living by weaving, embroidery and farming )  Daxushan Waterfalls, Qingxin hot springs. The closest local airport is the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport .


Downtown QingYuan


  LianZhou underground River



The new Wuhan - Guangzhou super high speed train passes through Qingyuan on April 3, 2010. We had just deboarded a train running the same route in the opposite direction. The gaotie tops out at 350 kph and made the 80 km trip from Guangzhou to Qingyuan in a little over 20 minutes.


QingYuan city government website translated into English


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The area code for QingYaun is 0763




Landscape of Qingyuan 

 Landscape of Qingyuan



Long distance buses to Guangzhou  ( 1.5 hours 30~40 Yuan) depart every 15 minutes from the Long Distance Bus Station  near the main train station.


Map of Qingyuan

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QingYuan Hotels




Sofitel Riverside Qingyuan

District B1 New Town EastGuangdong Province
Qingyuan, HB 511518, China


Overseas Chinese Hotel

70 Nanmen Jie

Near the Bei River docks

(0763) 333-7118


 Yihao Holiday Hotel

18 City Plaza Xianfeng Road, Qingyuan, Guangdong, China.


 Kingdom Hotel

No.6 QingHe road qingxincounty qing yuan ciy guang dong China


 Qing Yuan Grand Plaza Hotel


 Huaguan Hotel Qingyuan

No.8, Fengming Road
Qingyuan, HB 525000, China


Map of QingYuan


Feilai temple








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